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QuickJava is a Firefox extension that allows you to easily enable/disable Java, JavaScript, Images, Flash and more directly from the toolbar and/or status bar! (Need help?)

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Important: QuickJava and FireFox 23 (And GitHub update)

As of Firefox 23 there has been a change to how the Plugin API works which will cause QuickJava to quit working.  I have updated the maximum version for QuickJava to 22.*

Since I do not have time to work on this problem there is a very good chance that users will not be able to use the extension after updating to FF23 when it is released.  I will try my hardest to get the extension up and running again (as well as fixing some other minor bugs/requests such as AddOn bar spacing and adding options to the 'Tools' toolbar), but can not give you a time frame, my apologies in advance.

For more information please see:

The source code has been added to GitHub and issue logged:

If you would like to help with the coding, please use the GitHub link to the right.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,